Futuristic Sounds Radio Show 24th August 2011

Futuristic Sounds Radio Show 24th August 2011

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A fusion of future soul, hip hop, broken and bass heavy beats. Click the song titles for free download/purchase links


Haezel – This Is Dope [Tokyo Dawn] Colonel Red – Each and Every Way [Tokyo Dawn] Dezaray Dawn – Sail Away [Sol Heir Music] K Banger (IG Culture Remix) – Contact [Holy Roller] Amin Payne – Higher [aminpayne.bandcamp.com] Mark De Clive-Lowe – Hooligan feat Nia Andrews [Tru Thoughts] Africa Hitech – Gangslapp [Warp] Dego – Start A New feat Sharlene Hector [2000Black] Soulparlor – Too Hot feat Stan Smith [Tokyo Dawn] Kaidi Tatham – For All Love In Time [Jazz:Refreshed] Colonel Red – Gimme A Minute feat Ursula Rucker [Tokyo Dawn] Tall Black Guy – Luv Dancing [royayersproject.com] Slow Drag Travelers – Lil Warrior [Dapp Records] Flying Lotus – Drip [Warp] Flying Lotus – Melting [Warp] I-Ced – She’s Like Magic [Record Breakin] Applejac – De Ja Vu feat Ramona [applejac.bandcamp.com]

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