Stop Our Kids Being Killed On Our Streets (SOKBKOOS)

Stop Our Kids Being Killed On Our Streets (SOKBKOOS)


From 2005 to 2012 a knife or sharp instrument was the most frequently used weapon of choice in teenage murders representing 68% of fatalities; Gun (firearm) were used in 18% of London Teenage Murders!

The primary aim of Stop Our Kids Being Killed On Our Streets (SOKBKOOS) is to end the senseless gun and knife crimes violence being committed by young people within our communities.

In order to achieve this goal, we recognise that the only effective measure for change is going to be the community coming together to constructively engage with our young people and provide the resources to support children and young people away from negative and unproductive lifestyles and to support families in need.

Therefore, SOKBKOOS will be a London wide collective of parents, professionals and community members who will step in where the Government & Local Authorities have not been able to give enough support.

SOKBKOOS is a collective effort and will work in partnership with statutory and voluntary sector providers e.g.: –

Local Authorities

Social Care Services

Mental Health Services

Education Services

Families Organisations, Tenants Associations

Youth Services

Youth Outreach Workers


Youth Gun & Knife Crime Organisations

Gang members – ex and current

Religious organisation: churches, mosques, etc.

Judicial & Legal Services

Probation & Young Offending Services

Police & Prison Services

If we the community can bridge the gap between homes, schools, parents, statutory and voluntary services by becoming an additional support from within the community, who through support, outreach, mentoring and respite we can get our children,young people and community back on track!

If you are likeminded about ending this problem and want to get involved, then join us or support us in any way you can in our community led activities.