Who is Sting?

Who is Sting?

Who is Sting?

For those that don’t know,

He has been through Rare Groove done Acid House,skanked to Drumb n Base and Jungle had some Grime and Funky House in my life stepped to Straight House and Broken Beats with the Hip Hop RnB and Dancehall running long side all the way.

If you too have made this journey we are like minded. He have Pioneered, Implemented,Created by design and actively participated in all of the above.

Ever wondered who and what links them all together?

His name is STING!

He has been a DJ: (Sting) est 1980

MC: Sir Breena Sound and Every Telepathy Life and Utopia etc… add ever made.

Promoter: Telepathy – Life Utopia – New Jack City – Freedom-Stush – Last Man Standing – Young Man Standing – Funky Nation-Pay AS You Go – Don`t Be Shy – Dance Diverse – Frisky Bizness -Head to Head etc…

Sound System owner: Sir Breena Sound est 1980 now Company Soul Sound.

Nightclub Owner: Telepathy Marshgate Lane Stratford(Taras) – Stratford Rex – EQ Night Club Formally Club Space – Astairs Whitechapel – T.K.O Shoreditch Now Catch22 – Club Zen Milton Keynes.

Bar Restaurant owner: Kimos Stokenewington now Pequeno soon to be POPN16 – Roti Hut Rainham.

Owner of Radio Stations throughout this journey:
DeJaVU – Chilling FM – USDFM.

His full story of the world of Urban Rave is coming.
All the great artists I have introduced and helped in their journey you will be surprised.

All the promotions from Rare Groove to Jungle DnB ,Funky House RnB Bashment to phsycodelic Trance and everything in between.

Venues Wax Club-Roller Express-Tasco Warehouse-Club UN-Adrenalin Village-Ledgends Barking-Sobell Sports Centre-Hippodrome- Ravedome-Sanctuary Milton Keynes-Ministry Of Sound-Coronet- Fire And Lightbox-Scala-Empire this list goes on forever.

Like we said the full story is coming. Along with all the crazy details.

Look out!! Who is STING? I AM STING!!!

sting car 2

Catch Sting live and direct every Friday 5-8pm (gmt) on London’s DejaVufm.com
Playing a mix and blend of House & Broken Beats alongside guests each week.