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Advertise and Promote with DejaVu FM

Advertise and Promote with DejaVu FM

We have 20+ years experience as a successful Underground Radio Station and have been helping hundreds of small businesses promote and gain much needed exposure to increase revenue.

We have various advertising streams which include:


Various Banner Placements and Hyperlinks within our Website and other social media.

Audio adverts via our radio stream.

Advertising/Sponsorship via our Youtube Video’s.

Mail Outs to our subscribed users via email Newsletter.

Sponsorship through one of our DJ’s who will help promote your product in Live Shows/Podcasts, Social Network and Events.

Creating a blog post on our site which is aggregated to various social networks.

Posting on our events calendar.


If you’re interested in an advertising campaign on , you can can get in touch for more information with no obligations, you might be pleasantly surprised at our rates!