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Get Your Music To Our DJ’s

has always been about supporting new music and new artists. If you would like to send us some of  your music, please do not hesitate to email our support team on Sending links from where the music can be downloaded, please make sure your MP3’s ID3 Tag is also completed. Please do not email us video links or fan pages as these will not been looked at.


We do take the time to read short precise relevant info and press bio’s.

We dont read full length bio’s bundled with video links and references.

If your tune is good thats all that matters! our DJ’s go by quality, not by your status or how many likes you may have on social sites.


If your interested in getting your music to a specific DJ/DJ’s, then please specify who, or just go to that DJ’s Profile Page and look for a their contact information.

If you have already sent us music please be advised that we receive a huge amount of submissions so it may take us some time to get back to you. We will be in touch if we feel that your music would fit within ‘s remit.

Thank you.